How to Distinguish between Precision Seamless Steel Pipe and Industrial Seamless Steel Pipe

Precision seamless steel pipes and industrial seamless steel pipes can be compared from the following aspects:
1. The material of industrial seamless steel pipe is stainless steel pipe, that is to say, the pipe is pickled after cold drawing or cold rolling, and it is a finished stainless steel seamless pipe. The characteristics of industrial stainless steel seamless pipes are that they have no welds, can withstand greater pressure, and the surface of the steel pipe can be bent and reamed through solid solution (which is what we usually call the annealing process).
2. In recent years, precision seamless steel pipe products are mainly made of holes, and the outer wall dimensions have strict tolerance requirements, and there are high requirements for the surface finish of the steel.

In addition, precision seamless steel pipes also have the following characteristics:
1. The diameter is small. Generally speaking, the diameter of precision seamless steel pipe is generally greater than 6mm.
2. High precision can be produced in small batches.
3. The precision of precision seamless steel pipe is relatively high. The inner diameter of the steel pipe is 6 to 60, and the tolerance of the outer diameter is generally controlled within plus or minus 3 to 5 wires.
4. The surface finish of the precision seamless steel pipe is good, the inner and outer surface finish of the pipe Ra≤0.8μm, and the wall thickness can be made 0.5mm. Then the finish of the inner and outer surfaces of the polished tube can reach Ra≤0.2-0.4μm (such as mirror surface).
5. The performance of the steel pipe is superior, the metal is relatively dense, and the pressure that the steel pipe can withstand becomes larger.

On the whole, precision seamless steel pipes are deep-processed in ordinary industrial-grade stainless steel pipes. They have obvious advantages in precision and smoothness, but their cost is relatively high and they are high-end stainless steel pipes.

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