Anticorrosion treatment of cs seamless pipe

1.Improve the anti-corrosion conditions of the medium

In order to improve anti-corrosion conditions, the following two methods can be used for cs seamless pipes.
①Remove harmful components in the medium. For example, boiler water is heated to boiling, and then the oxygen is removed before use.
②Add corrosion inhibitor. Corrosion inhibitor is a substance that can slow down the corrosion rate. Adding corrosion inhibitor is a common and effective anti-corrosion measure. Different corrosion inhibitors are only effective in certain environments.

2.Using electrochemical protection

①Using the applied current to make the metal to be protected become the cathode. This method only consumes the energy of the applied current, and is often used to protect underground pipelines and equipment, offshore oil platforms, sea ships, iron tower feet, metal structures working in an environment with water and weak electrolysis, etc. But in strong acid electrolytes, Using this method to protect the steel consumes too much electrical energy, which is of little significance.
②Sacrificial anode protection method. A metal or alloy with a more negative electrode potential is connected to the protected metal device, making it the anode of the corroded battery and consumed. The anode materials used in the sacrificial anode protection method are magnesium and its alloys (mostly used in seawater), and zinc, etc., which will be lost in use.

3.Protected with surface covering

The surface coating of cs seamless pipe is an economical and convenient anti-corrosion method, which is widely used in industry.
① Metal cover. Its main feature is that it uses metal material as the covering layer, which is mainly used in weak corrosive medium or high temperature occasions. According to the properties of the cover layer, it is divided into three types: cathode cover layer, anode cover layer and passivation cover layer.
② non-metallic covering layer. The metal equipment is covered with a layer of organic or inorganic non-metallic materials for isolation and protection. There are three types of coating, glass flake protective layer and lining layer.


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