How to connect galvanized steel pipes

There are three main connection methods when connecting galvanized pipes, namely wire type, welding type and rolling groove type.

1. If the thread type method is used, the thread buckle cannot be in complete contact with the pipe hoop of the steel pipe, otherwise it is likely to become loose. Before connecting, it is necessary to measure whether the wall thickness of the steel pipe can reach the standard thickness of the thread. If the thread of the steel pipe does not match the thread of the pipe hoop and cannot be connected, the pipe hoop should be replaced or the equipment should be adjusted to re-thread the thread.

2. Use the welding method to connect. After the galvanized steel pipe is connected, there is a problem that the pipe is not in a straight line and the steel pipe has an oblique opening. The pipe head of the steel pipe should be cut off for a short period before processing;If the two nozzles of the galvanized steel pipe are not tightly butted after the nozzles are butted, resulting in uneven thickness of the welded joint, or the steel pipe is oval due to its own reasons or transportation bumps, the pipe head of the steel pipe should be cut off a small section at this time; When there are zinc nodules, which cause welding difficulties and trachoma, simple zinc nodule removal treatment should be performed on the parts with excessive zinc nodules and then connected.

3. To use the method of rolling groove to connect, it is necessary to grind the inner wall of the pressure groove part of the nozzle, so that the resistance of the rolling groove can be effectively reduced, and the distance between the axis of the steel pipe and the rolling groove must be adjusted. Keep it in a horizontal state, and adjust the pressure groove speed at the same time. The pressure groove forming time cannot exceed the specified time, and the force is applied evenly and slowly. The grooves formed by the rolling groove machine should meet the following requirements:

①The surface from the pipe end to the groove section should be flat without unevenness and rolling marks;
②The center of the groove should be concentric with the pipe wall, the width and depth of the groove should meet the requirements, and check whether the model of the clamp is correct;
③ Apply lubricant on the rubber sealing ring and check whether the rubber sealing ring is damaged. The lubricant must not be oil lubricant.

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