How to do the appearance inspection of steel sheet piling?

Qualified steel sheet piling must be used in the construction of steel sheet piling. How to do the appearance inspection of steel sheet piling?

The steel sheet pile inspection is mainly the appearance inspection of the steel sheet pile, because we already have the steel sheet pile factory inspection certificate and material and other related documents when we buy the steel sheet pile, so there is no need to inspect the material of the steel sheet pile.

Below we will introduce the appearance inspection of steel sheet piling:

1. To check the surface defects of the steel sheet pile, cut holes and defects should be reinforced and welded.

2. Check the appearance of the steel sheet pile length, width, thickness, height, end squareness, flatness and lock shape, etc., and measure the length, width and thickness. If there is serious corrosion, measure the actual thickness of the section and reduce it. If the corrosion is not particularly serious, you can use welding repair method to fill it, and then use a grinding wheel to smooth it. If the steel sheet pile breaks, it is cut to reduce it, or high-strength welding is carried out.

3. Inspect the surface of the steel sheet pile, it is found that the welding parts on the steel sheet pile that affect the piling should be cut off.

4.Check whether the steel sheet pile is deformed. If there is a deformed steel sheet pile, it needs to be corrected.

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