ASTM A192 / A192M-Seamless carbon steel boiler tubes for high-pressure service

ASTM A192 covers standard specifications for minimum-wall-thickness, seamless carbon steel boiler and superheater tubes for high-pressure service. The steel shall conform to the required chemical composition for carbon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, and silicon. The tubes shall have a hardness number not exceeding a specific value. The following mechanical tests shall be conducted, namely: flattening test; flaring test; hardness test; and hydrostatic test.

The ASTM A192 belongs to the carbon seamless tubes, which is specially designed for high, middle, low pressure purpose in seamless carbon steel boilers and as super heater tubes.

Size (mm):
L:max 12000
Delivery Condition : As different requirements,It including pickling,etc.
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Hydrostatic or Nondestructive Electric Test
Heat Treatment:Min temperature 650.
Surface Condition:Free of scale,A slight amount of oxidation will not be considered as scale.
Flattening Test,Flaring Test.Flange Test,Hardness Test,Hydrostatic Test  

Chemistry composition
C, % Mn, % Si, % P, % S, %
0.06-0.18 0.27-0.63 0.25 max 0.035 max 0.035 max

Mechanical properties
Tensile Strength , MPa Yield Strength , MPa Elongation, % Hardness, HB, WT≥5.1mm Hardness, HRB, WT5.1mm
325 min 180 min 35 min 137 max 77 max

Outside diameter & tolerance
Hot rolled Outside Diameter, mm Tolerance, mm
OD≤101.6 -0.5
101.6OD≤177.8 -0.333333333
Cold Drawn Outside Diameter, mm Tolerance, mm
OD25.4 ±0.10
25.4≤OD≤38.1 ±0.15
38.1OD50.8 ±0.20
50.8≤OD63.5 ±0.25
63.5≤OD76.2 ±0.30
76.2≤OD≤101.6 ±0.38
101.6OD≤177.8 -0.59375

Wall thickness & tolerance
Hot rolled Outside Diameter, mm Tolerance, %
OD≤101.6, WT≤2.4 +40/-0
OD≤101.6, 2.4WT≤3.8 +35/-0
OD≤101.6, 3.8WT≤4.6 +33/-0
OD≤101.6, WT>4.6 +28/-0
OD>101.6, 2.4WT≤3.8 +35/-0
OD>101.6, 3.8WT≤4.6 +33/-0
OD>101.6, WT>4.6 +28/-0
Cold Drawn Outside Diameter, mm Tolerance, %
OD≤38.1 +20/-0
OD>38.1 +22/-0


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