Causes of fracture of cold drawn seamless steel pipes

When the seamless steel pipe(a53 seamless) is cold drawn, due to shortcomings such as livelihood cracks in the hot-rolled tube blank, or after the high-precision cold-drawn pipe is made into a cylinder, cracks occur during the operation. These cracks can be compared, no Seam steel pipes are usually brittle cracks. The embrittlement of welded seamless steel pipes is caused by many reasons.

For example, when there are precipitates on the grain boundaries, no matter their strength is stronger or weaker than the matrix, they will occur. All are the causes of cracks in seamless steel pipes. The segregation of inclusions in grain boundaries is also the cause of seamless steel pipe cracks. In fact, cold drawn seamless steel pipes can cause fatigue and cracking despite the small alternating load.

Generally speaking, look at the appearance. The mechanical performance criteria for the operation of hydraulic (pneumatic) parts in the planning assume that the material is a uniform, continuous and isotropic cold drawn seamless steel pipe. Following this method shows that it is considered a safe plan, and accidental cracking events sometimes occur.

For the appearance of cracking of cold drawn seamless steel pipes, please see welded steel pipes during the low stress brittle cracking process of high-strength cold drawn seamless steel pipes. The texture of the material is far from uniform and isotropic. Cold drawn seamless steel pipe with cracks, inclusions and pores in the structure. These shortcomings can all be regarded as microcracks in speculation. Cracked appearance of cold drawn seamless steel pipe.
In addition, embrittlement is also related to the operating temperature of the component. When the temperature is lower than a certain temperature value, the cold drawn seamless pipe product will become brittle, and its influence will greatly reduce the workload. This appearance is called cold brittleness, so the working temperature of the component must be followed when planning to select a material suitable for the temperature of cold brittleness.

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