How to solve the magnetic problem of seamless pipe?

Seamless pipes are generally non-magnetic or very weak, but the presence of magnetism will also affect our failure in use, so for many seamless steel pipe factories, it is still necessary to eliminate the magnetic properties of seamless pipes. The magnetism of seamless pipe is due to the magnetism of martensite or ferrite. Segregation of components or improper heat treatment during movement will form a small amount of martensite or ferrite arrangement in austenitic 304 stainless steel. In this way, there will be weak magnetism in the seamless tube.

In order to eliminate the magnetism of the seamless pipe formed by the above reasons, the stable austenite arrangement can be opened by high-temperature solution treatment to eliminate the magnetism. In particular, the magnetic properties of seamless tubes formed due to the above-mentioned reasons are always weak compared with stainless steel made of other raw materials, that is, the magnetic properties of seamless tubes. In addition, the seamless tube will be transformed into martensite by cold working. The greater the cold working deformation, the more martensitic transformation of the seamless tube, and the greater the magnetic properties. Like the same batch of steel strips, it produces φ76 tubes and φ9.5 tubes, without obvious magnetic induction. Due to the larger bending deformation, the magnetic induction is more obvious. Because the deformation of the rectangular tube is greater than that of the round tube, especially at the corners, the deformation of the seamless tube is more severe and the magnetism is more pronounced.

The quality of seamless pipes(astm a53 steel pipe)will directly affect the output of finished products and the overall cost of customers. If it is purchased from a non-professional custom seamless steel pipe factory, it may happen, which may cause quality problems in the finished product processing. Therefore, finding a professional manufacturer of customized seamless pipes can avoid these problems, improve your production efficiency, and reduce your production costs.

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