Construction and technical key points of the lock steel pipe pile

Locking steel pipe pile processing → site cleaning → sinking guide frame positioning pile → measurement positioning → sinking a steel pipe pile → other piles successively sinking → dredging in the steel pipe pile cofferdam → internal support → steel pipe pile Dredging in the cofferdam → bottom sealing of the steel pipe pile cofferdam.

Steel pipe pile processing

1. In order to ensure the quality of the lock steel pipe pile, enter the steel pipe pile, I-beam and angle steel according to the design requirements, and arrange for special personnel to design and make the lock steel pipe pile frame according to the size of the lock steel pipe pile to ensure the lock The structural size of the steel pipe pile.

2 Welding quality inspection, including the welding of the tube body, the welding of the tube body and the accessories, mainly to check the width of the weld, the depth and the fullness of the weld. The height, width and design strength of the weld are in line with national standards and design requirements. The appearance of the weld should be free of porosity, weld bead, and cracks.

3. The machining accuracy and size and position error of all locking steel pipe piles meet the specifications and construction requirements. The axes of the male and female falcons must be on the same line, and the surfaces of the female and male falcons and the steel pipe piles should be perpendicular. The location of the lifting point should be reasonable to avoid deformation of the steel pipe pile.

4. Trial assembly inspection, the steel pipe piles must be trial assembled before the formal sinking to check the processing of the steel pipe piles
5.Precision and welding quality. Settling of steel pipe piles, pile position and measurement control. Steel pipe piles are prone to offset during the process of vibrating hammers. Therefore, a reliable positioning system must be used to control their coordinates. The plane position of steel pipe piles when they are sinking is mainly controlled by guide frames and measuring instruments.

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