Perforation technology in seamless steel pipe production

The technology of seamless steel pipes is continuously improved, and its various operations are constantly improved. The perforation technology of seamless steel pipes is an important technology in the production of seamless steel pipes, which guarantees the quality and efficiency of seamless steel pipes. The key to promotion.

How is the perforation technology of seamless steel pipes realized? What problems should be paid attention to?

Before the seamless steel pipe is pierced, the round steel needs to be cut to the length required by the customer, and then put into the piercing furnace. The temperature of the piercing furnace is generally set between 1100℃-1300℃ according to the material of the round steel. The round steel is preheated and heated. , After a few hours in the high temperature zone, the perforation process can be started.

The serious ring-shaped cracks in the perforation may be due to the poor quality of the tube blank, and the tube blank has defects during the casting process, such as sand holes, pores, and slag inclusions. If the ring crack is not serious, it is judged to be an inward fold, there are many reasons, such as improper shunting, sticking steel at the top, and heating temperature of the tube billet.

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