Degaussing treatment of seamless steel pipe

The magnetism of the seamless tube is due to the magnetism of martensite or ferrite, and a small amount of martensite or ferrite will be formed during component segregation or improper heat treatment during movement. In this way, there will be weak magnetism in the seamless tube. At this time, it is necessary to demagnetize the seamless steel pipe.

1.Simple degaussing: wrap the coil around the outside of the precision steel pipe, apply alternating current to the coil, and slowly reduce the current of the alternating current (the slower the better), until it reduces to zero. Degaussing is complete. Demagnetization result: The physical properties of the precision steel pipe are not changed, but once the external magnetic field is encountered again, the precision steel pipe will be magnetized.

2.Complex degaussing: Through the heat treatment process, it can be demagnetized completely, but the hardness and rigidity of the precision steel pipe will change after demagnetization. When the external magnetic field is encountered in the future, after the external magnetic field disappears, the seamless steel pipe will basically have no effect. remanence.Degaussing heat treatment process: After heating to a certain temperature without oxygen, it takes 72 hours to slowly cool down to room temperature. Use a larger demagnetizer to remove the magnetism. When the temperature is less than 770 degrees, it can be heated and demagnetized.

If there is an AC welding machine, it is recommended to lengthen the wire of the welding machine to about 100m, and wind it into a coil equivalent to the part that needs to be demagnetized, then put the coil and the steel pipe to be demagnetized together, and short-circuit the wire of the welding machine. At this time The coil composed of the welding wire produces a large alternating magnetic field, which alternately magnetizes the demagnetized object. After short-circuiting the wire, gradually separate the coil and the object to be degaussed until it is more than 5m away, and the power can be turned off to stop degaussing. The degaussing process can be controlled within half a minute.

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