What is the main reason for the deviation of the thickness of the honing tube?

The key reason that causes the thickness deviation of the honing pipe is poor mold matching, or the change caused by the ignoring of the mold specification due to wear. The thickness change in the drawing pass after fixing the wall may be inaccurate. When the tapered mandrel is drawn, the mandrel position is not well adjusted before or after the short mandrel is drawn.

In order to better avoid the thickness deviation of the honing tube, the mold should be properly matched and the mandrel position should be adjusted appropriately. The thickness change of the honing tube in the air drawing pass should be estimated accurately.

The quality regulation of the honing tube blank is closely related to the perforation process. There are bad ground stress conditions and serious uneven deformation when piercing the crimping tube on a two-roll piercing machine. Therefore, some of the defects in the blank are expanded according to the perforation, causing defects on the inner and outer surface of the capillary tube.

Especially in some areas where old metal materials are lacking—non-metallic materials congregate and high-density areas of metal materials are weak, perforation deformation is very easy to cause metal materials to crack. Therefore, choosing an effective perforation method and changing the bad ground stress can avoid the disadvantages.


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