Injury factors of boiler pressure vessel

1. Shockwave damage
The medium in the boiler pressure vessel is generally a certain pressure gas, liquefied gas or high-temperature liquid. Once the pressure-bearing part ruptures, the medium releases pressure and expands or instantaneously vaporizes, releasing a large amount of energy instantly. Approximately 85% of the energy is used to generate shock waves, which quickly spread to the surroundings, destroying equipment, buildings and endangering personal safety.

2. Damage from equipment fragments
When the boiler pressure vessel ruptures, some shells may break into fragments and fly out at high speed, breaking down and damaging the equipment or buildings that meet, sometimes directly injuring people.

3. Medium damage
When the boiler pressure vessel ruptures, the medium leaks out, which often causes burns, poisoning, on-site burning and secondary explosions, resulting in a chain reaction.
Boiler and pressure vessel explosions often cause large-scale, three-dimensional damage and group injuries, causing serious losses to the incident unit and society. Boiler and pressure vessels are widely used, with poor working conditions, easy to damage and accidents, and the consequences of accidents are serious. Therefore, the safety of boilers and pressure vessels cannot be taken lightly, and we must be cautious to ensure that there is nothing wrong.

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