Application of pipe spool

pipe spools are used in almost all industrial applications because they are very dexterous. Specific parts of the spool system can be arranged in various sizes and shapes for the target application field. Therefore, the most common application areas of pipe spools can be divided into: household applications, industrial applications (factories), medical applications and construction applications.

Household applications: Most households use steel pipe systems because of their mechanical durability and high corrosion resistance. The material of the pipe spool is household stainless steel (household application). The entire piping system of the house is composed of stainless steel pipes and spools.

Industrial applications: Energy and some raw materials are transported through the use of complex spool systems. Factories usually produce by-products such as waste gas and liquids. These exhaust gases and liquids must be removed from the production area. Therefore, the removal of these substances is also done through the pipeline system. Some complex spool systems are preferred in industries where space constraints cause difficulties. In addition, extremely long pipeline systems are also used for the transportation of energy (oil, natural gas, etc.). These extremely long piping systems have various spool sections of different sizes and shapes.

Medical applications: Simple piping systems can even be used for surgical and dental applications. The biocompatibility of the tubing used is the most important criterion in medical applications. Therefore, compatible steel pipes are used for fracture healing or medical machining applications.

Construction applications: One of the most common use areas for pipe shafts is construction sites. The required pipe material is usually steel to obtain high strength. When the foundation of the building is too weak to support the building, steel pipes can be used as the supporting element of the building. In some construction projects, only complex spool systems are used for construction. The pipeline system is also used to build ships and oil refineries.

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