How to make the oil casing seamless pipe more precise in cold working?

The so-called cold working production refers to the use of cold drawing process, cold rolling process or cold rolling and cold drawing combined process to produce seamless pipes. At present, my country's oil casing seamless pipes are mainly used in petroleum, chemical, boiler, power station, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing, automobile, aviation, aerospace, energy, geology, construction and military industries.

Some inferior oil casing seamless pipes on the market usually have shortcomings such as unqualified steel pipe dimension, easy bursting of pipe fittings, and insufficient surface technology. So how to ensure the quality of the oil casing seamless pipe produced by cold processing, and ensure that the product process is more accurate?

In the production of oil casing seamless pipes, eddy current inspection is also carried out on the semi-finished pipes, defects are detected by machines and eliminated by grinding, and then cold rolled to finished product specifications to ensure various quality indicators of the products. Avoid the hidden defects inside the steel pipe that cause the steel pipe to crack or even break. The computer-controlled natural gas solution furnace is used in the production process of the oil casing seamless pipe, so that the furnace temperature is uniform, the atmosphere is controllable, and the cooling is sufficient. The error value of each section of the pipe fittings is monitored in real time, and the parameters of the mechanical equipment are adjusted. Strict and perfect production details determine the quality level of pipe fittings.

In order to ensure the uniform quality of the finished oil casing seamless pipe, the following measures are usually taken to improve the processing quality:

1. Fully eliminate the pitting and pitting residue in the waste pipe, reduce the lattice distortion in the finished product, improve the plasticity and toughness of the steel pipe, improve the impact toughness, and reduce the wall thickness difference in the process;

2. The finished product process mold is processed by CNC grinding machine to ensure the smoothness of the finished oil casing seamless pipe;

3. The computer-controlled sealed circulating pickling tank can filter out the iron oxide in the acid solution at any time, so as to prevent the iron oxide from adhering to the surface of the oil casing seamless pipe and forming defects in the next processing;

4. The intelligent management system is adopted to establish a full-process online intelligent management system for the production of oil casing seamless pipes from the formulation and review of sales contracts, raw material inspection, product manufacturing, inspection and testing, logistics and distribution, product sales and services.

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