Precautions for spraying rust removal on seamless pipes

The surface treatment of seamless pipe is one of the key factors in determining the anti-corrosion life of the pipe. In the practical application of seamless pipe, the surface of seamless pipe is usually descaled in order to prolong its service life. The descaling of seamless pipe is divided into tool descaling and spray descaling. So what should be noted when spraying descaling of seamless pipe?

1) Wear-resistant materials

In order to better achieve the actual effect of idealized seamless pipe rust removal treatment, the compound of single-sided epoxy resin adhesive, double or triple high-pressure polyZene architectural coating, gold steel sand and bearing steel ball wear-resistant materials should be selected based on the surface layer strength, original rust degree, specified roughness, plating type, etc. It is easier to achieve the actual effect of idealized rust removal treatment. Steel ball can strengthen the stainless steel plate surface layer, and gold steel sand can etching processing stainless steel plate surface layer. Gold steel sand and steel balls mixed into wear-resistant materials, gold steel sand strength of 50-60HRC, can be used to a variety of steel surface layer. Even in C grade and D grade leaching steel surface layer, the actual effect of rust prevention treatment is also very good.


The rate of antirust treatment mainly lies in the type of wear-resistant material and the consumption of wear-resistant material, because the density of heap immediately affects the cost of surface treatment work and the cost of rust removal equipment, and generally wear-resistant material with low wear should be taken, which is beneficial to enhance the cleaning rate and leaf service life.


For seamless pipe common epoxy resin, butadiene, phenolic resin and other such anti-corrosion materials, generally is the provision of seamless pipe surface layer to do nearly white level. Self-jet antirust treatment processing process can achieve the standard of processing process close to milky white, operating at low cost and smooth and reliable quality.


Before painting treatment, vegetable grease and oxidized skin are removed from the surface layer of seamless pipe by cleaning method, and the pipe body is heated to 40-60°C by heat treatment furnace to maintain the surface layer of seamless pipe dry. In the painting process, the actual effect of rust prevention treatment is improved because there is no waste such as vegetable grease on the surface layer. The dry surface layer is also beneficial to the separation of steel balls, golden steel sand, rust and oxidized skin, making the surface layer of the pipeline easier to clean after the rust prevention treatment.


In order to get better proportional cleanliness and surface roughness, the design scheme of abrasive particle size and proportion is very critical. Too much surface roughness is very easy to cause the top anti-corrosion layer of the prestressing anchor to become soft. In addition, because the prestressing anchor cable is too deep, the seamless pipe anti-corrosion layer is very easy to produce vapor bubbles, which seriously affects its anti-corrosion characteristics.

Seamless pipe is a steel pipe made of whole round steel perforated without welded seams on the surface. Its production process can be divided into two kinds: cold-drawn and hot-rolled. The precision of cold-rolled seamless pipe specification is higher than that of hot-rolled, and the surface looks brighter than that of thick-walled seamless pipe, and the caliber does not have much burr.

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