What are the piling methods for steel sheet piles?

The quality of steel sheet pile is mainly affected by the erection process. Poor erection quality will affect the safety of the entire foundation pit, which is the most important process in the construction of steel sheet piles.

1. Selection of steel sheet pile driving method

Different steel sheet pile driving methods can be constructed by "individual driving method" and "screen driving method".

If the length of the steel sheet pile is small and the site is small, choose the separate driving method. After driving in the first locating pile, set up one by one from the big pile number to the small pile number. The steel sheet pile is clamped by the vibrating hammer, and then lifted to align the lock catch with the adjacent steel sheet pile, and then slowly shake and sink. . The small errors of each pile in the individual driving method will continue to accumulate, and reaching a certain level will cause the steel sheet pile to open, and the opening is below a certain depth, which is not easy to be found.

Steel sheet pile construction
In the actual construction of steel sheet piles, it is found that although the pile sinking speed of the single penetrating steel sheet pile is fast, it is often found after continuous operation that after 4-6 steel sheet piles are driven, the accumulated offset is often too large, and correction is required. , Resulting in difficulty in subsequent steel sheet pile construction. At this time, special wedge-shaped steel sheet piles can be driven to correct deviation.

2. Selection of steel sheet pile locking method
According to the locking method between the steel sheet piles, the construction method of large lock and small lock can also be adopted.

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