Pressure vessel structure

Pressure vessel type structure type container, the most common combination type container from the bottom surface. The main components of these containers, seals, law heads, sealing sources, perforated pipes, branch seats, etc.

1) Cylinder. Tube body pressure vessel main assembly part Noichi. Demanding pressure force for storage or finished chemicals Most of the space is completed, and the size of the cylinder is large and small. Shape Cone-shaped, cone-shaped Japanese sphere, etc.

2) Sealed head. The shape of the head is not the same, the shape of the head is inconsistent, the shape of the head is separable, the head is a spherical head, the head is a head, the head is a head, the head is a head, and the head is a head. In the pressure vessel, when the sealing cylinder is connected, a spherical or elliptical sealing for the head, and a flat-shaped sealing for the head.

3) Flange. Bolted joints of containers and pipes, important parts of the connection, connection of screw plugs for other actions, parallel connection of screws, and sealing of single-sided gaskets.

4)Opening hole giving and connecting pipe. Demand for craftsmanship, container-like installations, various types of installations, safety manholes, mirror holes, material advancement exits, safety pressure table, liquid level gauge, flow meter, thermocouple, etc. Opening holes for tangent pipes such as safety valves.

5) Sealing source. Sealing source: Two individual methods, contact surface at the end of the sealing body, connection with a screw plug, etc., liquid in the use, or non-leakage of gas.
Rooting container-like work Pressing force, medium, temperature, etc. Sealing source Metal Sealing source, non-metal (asbestos, asbestos, etc.) Sealing source Japanese combination type sealing source (asbestos, rubber, asbestos, etc.).

6)Support. Supporting pressure vessel and fixed foundation. Supporting seats, installation container, safety type, coming to life. Regular skirt type Saddle type, support type, skirt type, skirt type, etc. Spherical container Pillar type Japanese skirt type two types of skirt.

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