Construction of steel sheet pile

Installation of guide frame

In the steel sheet pile construction site, in order to ensure the proper position of the centerline of the pile sinking and the verticality of the pile, control the driving accuracy of the pile, avoid the buckling deformation of the sheet pile and improve the penetration capacity of the pile, it is generally necessary to set a certain bending The rigid and firm guide frame is also called "engineering construction enclosure".

The guide frame adopts single-sided and two-sided methods, which are generally composed of guide beams and surrounding purlin piles. The interval between surrounding purlin piles is generally 2.5~3.5m. The interval between the surrounding walls on both sides is not suitable to be too large, and it is generally slightly thicker than the sheet pile wall. 8~15mm.

Pay attention to the following aspects when installing the guide frame:

1. Use level gauges and level gauges to control and adjust the position of the guide beam;
2. The height-to-width ratio of the guide beam should be suitable, which is beneficial to the engineering construction height-to-width ratio of manipulating steel sheet piles and improving the construction efficiency of the project;
3. The guide beam cannot be moved down and deformed with the deep support of the steel sheet pile;
4. The part of the guide beam should be as vertical as possible and should not collide with the steel sheet pile.

Steel sheet pile construction

Steel sheet pile engineering construction is related to engineering construction waterproofing and safety, and is one of the most important technological processes of building construction. The following engineering construction regulations should be paid attention to at the construction site:

1. The steel sheet pile is driven by a crawler excavator, and the condition of the underground pipeline and building must be understood before the construction, and the center line of the slope protection pile must be released with care;

2. Before piling the foundation, inspect the steel sheet piles one by one to remove the rusty and severely deformed steel sheet piles at the connection buckle. They can only be used after the repair and integration meet the standards. After the repair, the use is not allowed;

3. During the whole process of the basic trench excavation, observe the transformation status of the steel sheet pile anytime and anywhere. If there is a significant collapse or protrusion, immediately raise the symmetry support point at the collapse or protrusion position.

4. Before piling the foundation, you can wipe vegetable oil inside the lock cavity of the steel sheet pile to insert and pull out the hardware;

5. During the whole process of inserting steel sheet piles, with accurate measurement and supervision of the inclination of each pile, when the deflection is too large and the engine timing cannot be adjusted by aligning, the lifting must be carried out.

6. Seal and ensure that the length of the foundation pit after excavation is not less than two meters to ensure that the steel sheet piles are smoothly combined; especially the four corners of the sewage inspection well should be used with corner steel sheet piles. If there are such steel sheet piles, use waste tires Or the auxiliary countermeasures such as the plugging of rags and seams have good sealing performance to prevent the fine sand from being carried away by water seepage and causing ground subsidence.

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