What should be paid attention to when producing spiral welded pipe in summer?

The finished spiral welded pipe is water-cooled and rolled off the production line, but after high temperature heating, the temperature of the spiral welded pipe after water cooling is still quite high, so the following points should be paid attention to after the spiral welded pipe is rolled off the line in summer:
1. In the production process of spiral welded pipe, the amount of epoxy powder and adhesive is 1% larger than usual, so as to achieve the actual required thickness.
2. Do not expose the spiral welded pipe to high temperature after off the assembly line. Exposure will easily cause the PE layer to expand and break away from the outer wall of the steel pipe, and the anti-corrosion effect cannot be achieved.

3. After the spiral welded pipe is off the assembly line, do not be exposed to the rain, which will easily cause water seepage at the pipe joint.
4. Spiral welded pipes should be placed in a flat place after they are off the assembly line. They should be placed horizontally. Do not squeeze each other. If squeezed placement is required, there must be an interval of at least 24 hours before the PE layer is completely attached to the steel pipe. Only the outer wall.

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