Why use spiral welded pipe for steel protection tube?

What is the function of spiral welded pipe for steel casing? Why use spiral welded steel pipes for steel casing?

The spiral steel pipe adopts the advanced double-sided submerged arc welding manufacturing process, which can be welded in the best position, and is not prone to defects such as misalignment, deviation and incomplete penetration, and it is easy to control the welding quality and position.

The spiral steel pipe adopts a special welding process without any errors and defects, which can ensure the qualification of the spiral steel pipe and the quality is well guaranteed.

During the forming process of the spiral steel pipe, the steel plate should be uniformly deformed, the residual stress should be small, and the surface should not be scratched. Therefore, the steel plate for the spiral steel pipe should be selected carefully and the surface should be uniform and free of scratches.

The processed spiral steel pipe has greater flexibility in the size range of diameter and wall thickness, especially in the production of high-grade steel-grade thick-walled pipes, especially small and medium-diameter thick-walled pipes. It has advantages that other processes can’t match and can meet Users have more requirements on spiral steel pipe specifications. The diameter and size range of spiral steel pipes should be flexibly mastered, and their own good advantages should be used to meet the wide needs of more users.


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