Key points of quality control of prestressed pipe piles

Prestressed concrete pipe piles can be divided into post-tensioned pre-stressed pipe piles and pre-tensioned pre-stressed pipe piles. The pre-tensioned prestressed pipe pile is a hollow cylindrical slender concrete prefabricated component made by the pretensioning process and the centrifugal forming method. It is mainly composed of a cylindrical pile body, an end plate and a steel hoop.

1. Before construction
(1) The finished pile shall be inspected according to the selected standard drawing or design drawing, and its appearance quality shall be inspected (whether the pile body has leaking grout, exposed reinforcement, surface cracks, end plate flatness and groove height, pile end Void);
(2) Inspection of welding rods, pile sinking and other materials and equipment used for butt-joining piles.

2. Construction process
(1) Inspection of driving (static pressure) depth, stopping hammer (pile sinking resistance) control standards and pile body (frame) verticality;
(2) The quality of connecting piles, the intermittent time of connecting piles and the integrity of the pile top;
(3) The number of hammer strokes per meter (pile sinking resistance), the number of hammer strokes per meter (pile sinking dynamic resistance), the last three penetrations and the pile tip elevation, etc.

3. After construction
(1) Visually inspect the quality of the pile body and welding quality after the pile is driven by the pile hole lighting;
(2) Pile position deviation, pile top elevation, penetration, low strain test, static load test.


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