Reasons for the oxidation of thick-walled seamless pipes

1. Processing process: This is also one of the factors that cause oxidation of thick-walled seamless pipes. From the manufacturing process and product characteristics, the formation of a thin oxide film on the surface of thick-walled seamless pipes prevents oxidation. The basic processing technology is also one of the main characteristics that distinguish stainless steel products from other steel products. Some elements have undergone oxidative oxidation reactions, which in turn causes the products to be mainly oxidized.

2. Product composition preparation: In order to reduce the cost of products, some processing manufacturers reduce the percentage composition of some major elements such as chromium and nickel, and expand other ingredients such as carbon elements, which are not strictly in accordance with product model specifications. , Thick-walled seamless pipe product characteristics to develop the manufacturing status of the composition, not only greatly affects the quality of thick-walled seamless pipe Corrosion resistance and formability, when used in chemical plants, machinery and equipment, processing and manufacturing fields, there are uncertain quality and safety risks of thick-walled seamless pipes; at the same time, it also affects the shape and oxidation resistance of the product.

3. Human factors: This is also one of the reasons why some customers are likely to encounter product oxidation when applying thick-walled seamless pipe products. Some customers use unreasonably in product application and maintenance, especially in the field of food chemical machinery and equipment. The probability of human-made oxidation of thick-walled seamless pipe products is relatively high. For the oxidation of thick-walled seamless pipes caused by human factors, it is necessary to have appropriate product application expertise and regularly carry out effective and efficient maintenance and maintenance. Maintenance, thereby reducing the oxidation caused by improper handling of human factors.

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