The difference between stainless steel welded pipe and seamless pipe

Customers often come to inquire about stainless steel seamless pipes, most of which can be replaced by stainless welded steel pipes for their applications; but they have no idea about stainless steel welded pipes and seamless pipes, and they don’t know which one is more suitable for them. So what is the difference between stainless steel welded pipe and seamless pipe?

The reason why the seamless pipe is called seamless is that it is formed by drawing a steel ingot directly through a mold, and there is no weld on the inner wall of the pipe; Removal, usually the pipe wall is thicker.

The stainless steel welded pipe is welded by steel strips. The welded pipe has a uniform wall thickness, high brightness inside and outside the pipe, and can be made into a thin-walled pipe.

Seamless pipes are mainly used in the field of ultra-high pressure, and the application fields of welded pipes are more extensive; and as the welding technology becomes more and more mature, the pressure-bearing capacity of welded pipes is gradually improved, and it can completely replace seamless pipes in many medium and low pressure fields.

In the same compressive performance, seamless pipes can only be made into thick pipes due to technological reasons; while stainless steel welded pipes can be made into thin-walled pipe fittings, which greatly reduces the cost of raw materials; this is why seamless pipes are used by stainless steel welded pipes. 

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