Safety measures when welding pressure vessels

The fire-proof and explosion-proof measures for welding pressure vessels mainly include the following:

1. It is forbidden to place flammable and explosive materials in the welding site. Sufficient fire-fighting equipment should be provided in the welding site to ensure adequate lighting and good ventilation.

2. Storage vessels or pipelines or oxygen cylinders for oil or other flammable and explosive substances should not be stored within 10m of the welding site. Boundaries shall be delineated around the work area and fire safety signs shall be hung.

3. When welding pressurized containers, airtight containers, various oil drums and pipelines, and workpieces stained with combustible substances, they must be inspected in advance, and toxic, harmful, flammable, and explosive substances must be removed after washing, and the container must be removed And the pipeline pressure, after eliminating the sealed state of the container, perform welding again.

4. When welding airtight hollow workpieces, there must be vent holes; when welding pipes, both ends are not allowed to be blocked.

5. When welding in workshops or places with flammable and explosive materials or near gas pipes or acetylene pipes (bottles), the approval of the fire department must be obtained. Strict measures shall be taken during welding operations to prevent sparks from splashing and causing fires.

6. Welders are not allowed to perform welding operations on wooden boards and wooden bricks.

7. Welders are not allowed to weld with the wires or ground wires exposed, nor are they allowed to connect the secondary circuit wires indiscriminately.

8.When gas welding and gas cutting, use qualified calcium carbide, acetylene generator and tempering preventer, pressure gauge should be checked regularly, and qualified rubber hose should be used.

9. When leaving the welding site, the gas source and power supply should be turned off, and the fire should be extinguished.

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