Precautions for steel sheet pile hoisting and accumulation

Steel sheet pile hoisting

Two-point crane should be used for loading and unloading steel sheet pile. When hoisting, the number of steel sheet piles to be hoisted at a time is not suitable for too many, and special attention should be paid to maintain the lock from damage. The hoisting method adopts bundle hoisting and single hoisting. The hoist generally uses steel wire rope lashing, or single rope hoisting commonly used lifting tools.

Steel sheet pile accumulation

The place where the steel sheet piles are piled up should be selected in a place that is not easy to cause excessive ground settlement due to weight to become flat and firm, and it is conducive to transport to the site of the piling construction.

Pay attention when stacking up

a. The order, location, location and layout of the stacking should be fully considered for the convenience of future operations;

b. The steel sheet piles should be piled up according to the model specification, specification model, length and length, and a sign shall be set at the pile to indicate;

c. The steel sheet piles should be stacked in layers, and the stacking amount of each layer is generally not more than 5, and wooden sleepers should be placed between each layer. The spacing of the pads is generally 3-4m, and the upper and lower pads should be the same. On the dividing line, the total height-to-width ratio of the stack cannot be higher than 2m.

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