Seamless square tube

The seamless square tube is a long strip of steel having a hollow section and no seam at the periphery, and is a square tube formed by a seamless tube passing through the four sides of the mold. The square tube has a hollow section and is used as a conduit for conveying fluid. Mainly used in liquid transportation, hydraulic support, mechanical structure, medium and low pressure, high pressure boiler tubes, heat exchange tubes, gas, petroleum and other industries. It is stronger than a welded square tube and does not crack.

Application of square seamless steel pipe

There are mainly three kinds of forming technology of seamless square tube: hot-rolled, cold-drawn and welded. For the cold drawn square tube, the ability of withstanding localized concentrated load is weak, the welding process produced pipe welds are the weak link, do not apply to the construction of high-end residential buildings.
The high-end hot-rolled seamless square tube construction is with good bearing properties, good weldability, low production costs and high production efficiency.

It is understood that the hot-rolled seamless square tube due to structural features of its own, effectively circumvent the connection between the column and beam welding defects and leading to performance degradation, can significantly improve the problem of low efficiency of the traditional low-rise concrete structure, large pollution, waste of resources and other issues; at the same time, the product is with such good performance as the uniform force, high dimensional accuracy, high strength and good impact resistance, can improve the seismic resistance of high-end architecture, will be widely used in steel high-rise buildings, airports and other construction, and has become the main support materials of the construction industry in the future, with great market prospects.

At present, this square seamless steel pipe has been put on the market and is widely used in high-rise buildings.

Seamless steel pipe in the pipeline before the need to rust paint, and seamless square tube is made of first, galvanized, galvanized way is mainly divided into galvanized and hot galvanized in two ways, we usually see galvanized seamless square pipes are generally hot-dip galvanized because hot-dip galvanized seamless tubes are much stronger than galvanized seamless steel tubes because the main purpose of seamless square pipes is for construction steel structure, color steel room, etc., will inevitably be the erosion of wind and rain, a long time there may be rust off, rotten. So it is necessary to have a whole outside the protective film, but the paint looks too ugly, and could not help but exposure, so someone came up with a galvanized approach. Sure enough, galvanized seamless square tube has been a great welcome.

There are seamless square tube also as a motorcycle big frame, electric car's main frame and so on. Also as a pipeline to send wires and so on.

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