Comparison of the shape of pressure vessels

A pressure vessel is a closed device that contains gas or liquid and bears a certain pressure. It is usually composed of a cylinder, a head, a flange, a sealing element, an opening, a connection pipe, a support, and various other internal parts, and the classification of the pressure vessel There are many methods. According to the geometric shape, there are mainly four types: cylindrical container, spherical container, rectangular container, and combined container.

1. Cylindrical pressure vessel
The basic structure of a cylindrical pressure vessel is a cylinder head, a nozzle, a hand hole, and a support. Its main advantage is that it is easy to manufacture and easy to set up process internals. Therefore, the production and usage are both higher than that of spherical vessels. The square container is large.
Cylindrical containers are used in petroleum, liquefaction, etc. Generally, small-sized liquefied petroleum gas storage tanks are made into this type of cylindrical shape, and large-scale tanks are made of different geometric containers.

2. Spherical container
Spherical container is also called spherical tank, and its shell is spherical. It is an effective and economical pressure vessel for storing and transporting various gases, liquids and liquefied gases. E.g. air pressure vessel
Compared with the cylindrical container, the main advantages are: uniform force; under the same wall thickness, the bearing capacity of the spherical tank is the highest, and under the same volume condition, the spherical container has the smallest surface area, due to the wall thickness and small surface area. , Generally save more steel than cylindrical containers. The main disadvantage is that the manufacturing and construction are more complicated. It is widely used in the fields of chemical industry, petroleum, oil refining, shipbuilding and city gas industry.

3. Rectangular container
Rectangular containers are also called square containers. They generally carry gases or liquids with lower pressure. Nowadays, the shape design of this type of container is relatively small, because square containers are easy to deform and cause accidents, and the cost of designing rectangular containers is higher than that of round containers. So now rectangular containers are relatively rare.
But the square container has the advantage that it has sufficient stability and firmness, and is suitable for storing or transporting sensitive powder materials.

The above are a few of the more common pressure vessel shapes. Pressure vessels have a wide range of uses. They play an important role in industry, civil, and military industries. It is most used in the chemical industry and petrochemical industry, such as this air compressor. All kinds of special compressors and auxiliary equipment of refrigeration compressors, such as coolers, buffers, oil-water separators, gas storage tanks, evaporators, liquid refrigerant storage tanks, etc., are all pressure vessels.

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