steel sheet pile——U-piles

U-piles, as a new type of building decoration material, are used as soil, water and sand retaining walls when building bridges and slope protection, laying large, medium and small pipelines, and temporary ditch foundation pits; used in seaports and cargo handling yards Solid wood wall panels, retaining walls, river slope protection, etc., make full use of important roles in construction projects. U-piles as slope protection are not only green, ecological and environmental protection, but also have a faster construction speed, low construction cost, and good waterproofing effect.

What are the characteristics of U-piles?

1. High quality (high wear resistance, light shape, water-resistant and high-quality);

2. The construction is simple, the construction period is shortened, the performance indicators are high-quality, and the service life is more than 50 years;

3. The cost of capital construction projects is allocated, the tolerances are high-quality, and it can be used repeatedly for 58 times;

4. The construction has a significant expected effect of ecological and environmental protection, reducing a lot of soil extraction and the required amount of concrete, and effectively protecting land resources;

5. Earthquake disaster relief rescue and rescue have strong timeliness, such as flood control, collapse, subsidence, quicksand, etc.;

6. Deal with and solve a series of difficulties in the whole process of excavation;

7. For the daily tasks of infrastructure projects, it can reduce the requirements for interior space design;

8. The use of steel sheet piles can give essential safety performance and has strong timeliness;

9. The use of steel sheet piles can not be easily restricted by temperature specifications;

10. Using steel sheet pile raw materials, it is possible to easily check the diversity of sexual raw materials and system raw materials.

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