Steel pipe bending deformation treatment

Bending deformation analysis of steel pipe
During thermal processing (welding), due to the uneven heating temperature, compression plastic deformation occurs in the high temperature area. During cooling, the contraction of this part is prevented by other parts (low temperature region or first cooling part), resulting in residual stress and various deformations. However, the hot-processed steel pipes (welded steel tubes or thermally expanded seamless pipes) in the steel market mainly show bending deformation.

Steel pipe bending deformation treatment plan
1. When the diameter of the steel pipe is small and the pipe wall is relatively thick, it can be corrected mechanically (such as using a plate rolling machine, jack and corresponding fixtures), which is simple and easy to implement.
2. When the diameter of the steel pipe is large and the wall of the pipe is relatively thin, it is not suitable to adopt the mechanical straightening method, because it not only requires huge mechanical equipment and complicated fixtures, but also easily causes local depression of the steel pipe. And adopt flame straightening method, although operation has certain difficulty, but method is simple, and effect is very good.

Precautions for steel pipe bending deformation treatment
1. After each heating, after it cools down, measure its data and record it to analyze the change of the steel pipe to prevent overheating.
2. Avoid heating the same part multiple times to prevent damage to the mechanical properties of the steel pipe.
3. The heating zone should not be too wide, because when the heating is too wide, the result of heating first and then cooling will occur, which will reduce the thermoplastic compression deformation and make the correction effect worse.

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