Application value of U-shaped steel sheet pile

In emergency rescue and rescue, U-shaped steel sheet pile can be used to deal with bank bursts and blockages.

U-shaped steel sheet piles have U-shaped cores in their appearance, but there are also other shapes such as Z-shaped and in-line shapes. The general length is 6m, 9m, 12m, 15m, and it has long been widely used in slope protection and soil layer fulcrum of construction projects. U-shaped steel sheet piles have various specifications and models. The general U-shaped IV type is 400*170*15.5mm, width 0.4m, and net weight per meter is about 76.1kg.

After completion, it can be pulled out and used repeatedly. Cooperating with backwater surface backfilling, rock filling, carbon steel plate, steel support and other preventive measures, you can get the expected effect of getting twice the result with half the effort, and the timeliness is strong.

Advantages of U-shaped steel sheet piles

1.series of high tensile strength, relatively light, good water resistance, the middle of the pile and the pile can be formed as a whole according to the wrinkle occlusion;

2.The construction cost is saved. The excavator can be changed to a tightly clamped static pile driver as a U-shaped steel sheet pile machine. The design requirements for the site and indoor space are very low. The industrial equipment movement and the pile driving position are very flexible, and the construction speed is faster. Fast and not easy to suffer temperature damage;

3.Steel sheet piles can be extracted and used repeatedly for many times, and the cost is relatively cost-effective (after many times of use, the occlusal and moisture-proof characteristics will be reduced).

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