What are the common piping systems?

Piping systems are often used in gas and liquid transmission, so what types of piping system are there?

Steel pipes
For the supply of water and flammable gases, steel pipes are the most useful pipes. They are used in many homes and businesses to transfer natural gas or propane fuel. They also used for fire sprinkler systems due to their high heat resistance. The durability of steel is one of the best advantages of the pipeline systems. It is strong and it can withstand the pressures, temperatures, heavy shocks, and vibrations. It also has unique flexibility which provides an easy extension.

Copper pipes
Copper pipes are mostly used for the transportation of hot and cold water. There are mainly two types of copper pipes, soft and rigid copper. Copper pipes joined using flare connection, compression connection, or solder. It is expensive but offers a high level of corrosion resistance.

Aluminum pipes
It is used due to its low cost, resistance to corrosion and its ductility. They are more desirable than steel for the conveyance of flammable solvents because of none spark formation. Aluminum pipes can be connected by the flare of compression fittings.

Glass pipes
Tempered glass pipes are used for specialized applications, such as corrosive liquids, medical or laboratory wastes, or pharmaceutical manufacturing. Connections are generally made using a specialized gasket or O-ring fittings.


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