What is a Pipe Spool?

A pipe spool refers to a section of a piping system that is prefabricated as smaller segments with flanges and fittings. Piping spools are often prone to corrosion due to their exposure to the elements, water and other natural electrolytes.

pipe spool fabrication
Piping spools are fabricated using various types of raw pipes and pipe fittings and they include flanges, elbows, tees, and a lot more. They are usually fabricated offsite. The raw pipes are pre-cut to specific sizes and together with pipe fittings and other components. They are temporarily fitted together. This partially finished sub-assembly is then welded with other spool components.

Pre-Fabrication of piping spools
Roll correction and welding process are fitting of the main pipe by rolling machine and the welder does not need to change his situation, and also the position of fitting and welding occur when more than one branch of the long pipe overcome the clearance limit. To create a more efficient piping system and save time, pipe spool pre-fabrication is used. Because if the system did not produce preliminary, the welding of the system will take much more time and the welder has to move over the main pipe to accomplish fitting or welding.

They generally easily corrode because of the elements they exposure; water and natural electrolytes. Acceptable protective monitoring must be done when applying pipe spool systems. Pipe spool fabrication is very important because the construction of the ship and other marine industries require intensive piping. Piping spools create great advantages because they reduce the limitations of space on site. With this advantage, all of the pipeline using industries has a great opportunity to increase their pipeline system efficiency and decrease their need for workforce and time.

Pipe spool systems are mostly used in power plants and petroleum refineries which requiring intensive piping. These systems include carriage and transport of fluid and gas and these transportation systems need lots of connection parts. In these systems, there is no place for mistakes. Assembly and fabrication of pipelines must be done correctly.
This piping application has two main stages;
1.Pipe Spool Production
2.Site Installation
Piping spools are produced by the usage of raw pipes and pipe fittings. The cutting process of the raw pipes is done with prespecified sizes that are suitable for the pipe fittings and other components.


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