Application of high-quality waterproof casing

In order to increase the use space of the building, the designer of the building will centrally install some pipes. In this case, there will be some pipes passing through the floor, roof and various walls. Therefore, the designer must do a good job in the installation of the waterproof casing of the basement wall and the gap between the casing and the pipe. deal with. If there is a problem in the process, it will destroy the beauty of the wall to a certain extent, and at the same time, it will also be accompanied by water pipe leakage. The most effective way to prevent leakage is to drain the water pipe sleeve, so this technology is widely used in the drainage engineering of the building.

Waterproof casing is mainly used in the following places

1. Used in constructions with vibration, settlement, pipeline shrinkage and deformation.

2. It is more common when the water pipe passes through the outer wall of the building and passes through the reinforced concrete pool.

3. Flexible waterproof casing is suitable for buildings with waterproof, sanitary and epidemic prevention.

4. It can be used in water supply and drainage engineering of buildings with high outdoor water level.

In the production of pipeline steel pipes, the welding process is usually very important. From the production process, high-frequency steel pipe electric welded steel pipes are divided into ERW steel pipe, SSAW steel pipe (spiral submerged arc welding) and LSAW steel pipe (longitudinal submerged arc welding).


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